RB Surveying Solutions

Damp Survey

If your property is suffering with internal damp R.B Surveying Solutions will arrange for an assessment to be carried out on the property in order to identify and report any issues that may be causing the issue. Our assessment has been designed so upon completion the property owner has visual evidence of the cause and a good understanding of the solution. By following the advice recommended by R.B Surveying Solutions any damp problem will become a thing of the past and the property owner can redecorate with confidence soon after.

R.B Surveying Solutions are registered with Sovereign Chemicals who were Founded in 1965, Sovereign has long been acknowledged as the respected name in the field of chemical products for the building and construction industry. Sovereign was first in the damp-proofing field to gain BSI approval for its whole range of products. Further endorsement of the quality of Sovereign products can be seen from the fact that the company was awarded the Royal Warrant in 1987.

If you have a damp problem, contact R.B Surveying Solutions and get the right advice from the right people