RB Surveying Solutions

Cavity Wall Survey

If you are considering cavity wall insulation it is important you receive independent impartial advice at the consideration stage. Our cavity wall surveyors use modern equipment that can evidence to you the condition of the internal cavity at your property to determine if it is suitable for retro fit cavity wall insulation. Furthermore, when surveying a property, to check for suitability for cavity wall insulation, our surveyors will also check the external condition of the building and the internal ventilation requirements, ensuring the owner has all the facts prior to making the important decision to insulate. For many years these checks have not been undertaken with an ethical approach and the result of this is that many people now suffer with severe damp within their homes.

Each of our cavity wall surveyors has a minimum of 10 experience, their experience may result in issues being identified that need addressing prior to your commitment for cavity wall insulation. ForĀ  peace of mind contact R.B Surveying Solutions and get the right advice from the right people.